Monday, November 18, 2013

Not Alone

I usually post my writing on my other blog but I think I'm gonna post this one on both cause I really like it..

This is a song for all those going through hard times


Relive those memories
The flashbacks through the night
The tears and pain, and scars remain
Though the years have brought on change

You feel like no one cares
'Bout all that you've been through
Spend your nights cryin, days smilin'
Though you're dying on the inside

Though you're dying on the inside

**Oh smile!
For I am here for you!
Oh smile!
My care can heal your scars!
Oh  smile!
I care about your tears!
Oh smile!
My love can heal your heart!
Cause you
Are not alone**

Yeah time matters not
Your memories still burn
Your scars have closed through time and change
Yet the inside ones still bleed

Broken heart for so long
Yet it's new every day
You've made it this far don't give in
To the grief inside your heart

The grief inside your heart


Love is all you've needed
Something you did not have
Through the years that have gone by
And it's catching up to you

Don't take a step too far
Don't let the darkness in
Look past the dark skies, there's a sun
You just have to see the truth

You just have to see the truth



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